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Doug Hagmann  Investigator Author and Broadcast radio. See the HAGMANN REPORT HERE

Sherry Clausen
Currently works as a missionary based out of Ohio, with a broad focus of sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ wherever He leads day-in and day-out. The uniqueness of this calling centers around those individuals who have survived the horrors of satanic ritual abuse (SRA) and identify with the internal splitting or fracturing of the mind (creation of personalities/parts/alters) as a result of SRA involvement. Sherry serves full-time with Russ Dizdar's Shatter Intervention Investigation Unit in the capacities of counselor and field investigator. Additional background includes work with adolescent teens rescued from human trafficking within the United States and counseling in various venues including a university campus, an outpatient drug and alcohol setting, and a residential setting for female adolescents. Prior to earning a master's degree in mental health counseling from Messiah College in 2014, much of her career involved work within the child welfare system in various capacities.

Tom Dunn
From Sunday school teacher to gorilla filmmaker, Tom Dunn trained with Russ Dizdar for 8 years
before launching out on his own.  Tom stays busy with family, filmmaking, boots on the ground
ministry and his YouTube show called “Through the Black.
After releasing his first two films “Detestable” and This is a War” He is currently finishing up work
on his film “Fire and Brimstone” that exposes the LGBT agenda from the inside out.

Russ Dizdar
RUSS DIZDAR has been in ministry for 40 years; he studied at Cumberland College, Malone College, the Univ. of Akron, and Moody Bible. He is the former Director of the Greater Akron Youth For Christ and a former Police Chaplain. His broadcast The Ragged Edge Radio is heard in 170 nations. He’s the author of The Black Awakening and Expelling Darkness. Has worked with SRA for over 38 years, a proud husband to Shelly, and he loves being a Grandpa (Author of The Black Awakening: Rise of the Satanic Super Soldier (SRA-The Master Race) Forth Coming book sequel AUGMENTED: The Coming Race of augmented humans (a contrast of the coming race of Final Immortals)

Wifred Wong
Wilfred has worked with viticms of satanist ritual abuse for over 25 years in the United Kingdom/ See Wilfred here England and Scotland. He has prusued the perpatrators and helps victims. Wilfred is a speaker at conferneces and a major avacate for the abused in the UK see here

Dr. Greg Reid
Dr. Gregory Reid is the founder of YouthFire and Occult Research and Crime Consultants. Since 1987, Dr. Reid has provided over 200 training classes for criminal justice workers nationwide on occult crimes and crimes against children including human trafficking. He is a survivor of ritual abuse and a former occult practitioner and has written over 10 books including the newly released, "War of the Ages - a Complete Scriptural Guide to Confronting and Defeating Satan's Kingdom, and his own autobiography Nobody's Angel.

Jared Christmen
Jared Chrestman is co-creator of the YouTube channel “Through The Black” which is responsible for several documentaries including “Detestable” and “This Is A War”. Together he and his friend Thomas Dunn discuss many things within the Christian fringe community but tend to focus on spiritual warfare education and biblical studies. While currently working on  other projects Jared remains passionate that the only true, effective long-term strategy in any form of spiritual warfare is staying grounded in the word of God and learning as believers to exercise our authority in Christ our savior through faith alone.” See more here

Pastor Gene Mullins
Well respected by many, Pastor Gene Mullins has worked as city police officer, A Sheriffs deputy, a tactical SWAT officer & police chaplain., has studied many yrs. of Systematic Theology. Trained  in Theocentric & Nouthetic Counselling. Currently head of Wellspring Ministries. Pastor Genes gifts has allowed him to see specifically where the enemy has gained access into a persons life & seeks to bring freedom to them. He has worked with SRA victims for over 25 years.


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